Active tip services

At RTC we're constantly working on improving our existing tip services and offering new services. For information about these tip services, please continue reading.


Our Flats system, which incorporates both Turf and All-Weather races, offers daily tips on horses running year-round flat tracks. This system's record across the past 6 months has been so good that subscribers' Return On Investment is guaranteed by the RTC Guarantee. Click here for more details on this or visit our Subscribe page if you want to sign up.

Coming soon

If you would like to be notified when these systems go live, use our Contact page and select "New systems" as the Reason.

Each way "value" system

To complement our Flats system, we will shortly be looking to release an "each way value" system. Initial testing has this system averaging around 30 points per month with smaller margins, e.g. higher low months and lower high months.