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Our third-party independent proofing organisation, Racing Proofing, have now updated their league tables.

We're delighted to announce that we're in 1st place on the Past 3 Months table and 2nd place on the Past 6 Months despite only have 4.5 months of results proofed!

If you're new to Racing Tip Consortium, check out our results here.

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Massive month: 73 points in June!

Massive month: 73 points in June!

This month our Flats system has racked up an incredible 73 points profit. That's not just the wins, that's everything taken into account.

If you started following the Flats system on June 1st and you were staking £20 per selection, you'd have an incredible £1,460. That's one thousand, four hundred and sixty pounds profit to just twenty pound stakes!

If you haven't signed up, ask yourself why not. We've proofed profit every month so far and you'll have to have an incredible reason to turn down the opportunity to accrue such an insane amount of profit for such a tiny amount of money.

Remember, our special offer is still on until the middle of July - just £30 will get you three months of selections from our Flats system. Even better, if we don't earn you 10% Return on Investment, you'll get your money back. Please see our Guarantee page for more information.

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